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However, as a side-effect of Skyler's actions with Ted, Walt is left without the money to pay Saul's "disappearer" to take the family to a new life. Afterwards, Skyler asks if there has been any progress on killing Jesse and is then forced to watch as Walt, after taking a phone call, frantically rushes to his car and leaves ("To'hajiilee"). Or was it just an argument over semantics? She has had several meager sources of income: writing short stories, selling items on eBay, working as a bookkeeper, and ultimately helping her husband launder money. When Walter reveals his involvement in the meth business, she initially seeks a divorce but ultimately ends up aiding him in laundering his illicit funds. If you and your spouse are lather, rinse, repeating the same old arguments, this might also be a sign that your marriage is over, or rather . Granted, she was usually barking up the wrong tree, but Skyler's limited investigative skills are always causing tension between herself and Walt nonetheless. Walt quickly reveals how greatly Skyler has underestimated the gravity of the situation, announcing he's really a meth manufacturer. However he is able to partially exonerate her for being one of his accomplices during a phone call monitored by the police by painting her as an innocent victim. Walt negotiated a $15 million dollar deal with Gus at first, but eventually the two compromised on a total of $7 million. Skyler White (ne Lambert) Walt also delights in rubbing his crimes in Hank's face - boldly revealinghe's carrying half a million in cash, for example. Hank only makes the connection himself two episodes before, and in the episode that follows, Marie is still confused about her husband acting so strangely, which heavily implies he hasn't told her about Walt at this point. . When Walt seems like he is going to use her and their kids as an excuse for his actions, Skyler gets angry, but is left stunned and silent when Walt admits that he entered the drug business for himself rather than his family which seems to give Skyler some relief and closure, and then he gives her a lottery ticket with the coordinates of the makeshift grave in which Hank and Steve Gomez are buried to use as leverage for striking a deal with the prosecutors. Walt had a ends justify the means mentality when he set out on his quest to not bankrupt his family. She is warned not to say anything about Lydia's involvement in Walt's activities; having earlier met and warned Lydia to stay away from the Whites, she has now become a loose end. It is impossible to provide a definitive answer as to whether Skyler still loves Walt or not, as every relationship is different and every individual has their own unique way of expressing and interpreting their feelings. She gets a small redemption arc when he visits her one last time, finally admitting that he wasn't selling drugs and growing an empire for. Skyler puts her foot down and says that even though she herself has been compromised, she will not have her children living in a house where dealing drugs and hurting people is glanced over. Eventually, Skyler's transformation into the manager actively laundering Walt's illicit gains deteriorates their marriage, making it somewhat of an unpleasant business relationship. Skyler lets him look and feel their daughter one last time before he leaves ("Felina"). Skyler after preparing Walt's 50th birthday breakfast ("Pilot"). Skyler shows Walt all his money in a gigantic pile, stating that she has no earthly idea how much money could possibly be there. Did Walt and Skyler get a divorce? Hank realizes things have gone too far and intervenes, giving Holly back to Skyler, after which they leave. This appears to give Skyler some closure. I Liked It. "You take Mr. Chips and turn him into Scarface,"Gilligan told NPR about how he pitched the series. When she confronts Walt with her idea that he is selling cocaine, he admits instead that he is a meth cook. Walt's secret is complicated by his brother-in-law's role as a DEA agent; Hank and Marie Schrader's lives are intertwined with the Whites, forcing Walt to co-exist with the very man hunting him down. I need support! So once Hank's dead, once Skyler's slashed at him, once Walter Jr. has called the cops, once Jesse's turned out to be a rat, Walter White seems to undergo what may be his final, darkest. Walt is not the hero. snoopy happy dance emoji 8959 norma pl west hollywood ca 90069 8959 norma pl west hollywood ca 90069 Having no idea where he is, she is told to consult with an attorney. She is further distraught when she comes out of her bedroom to find Walt Jr. and Walt watching the final, violent scene of Scarface, likely terrified of the possibility that Walt's criminal actions may one day lead to a similar violent fate for her own family. Skyler then starts to teach Walter Jr. how to ring up customers when Saul arrives to chat with Walt. That may be the main reason why many fans are still split on the Season 3 episode "I.F.T." The last of Walt's family to find out (excluding Holly, obviously), the meth kingpin was desperate to keep the truth from his son, not wanting that idealistic father figure image to be shattered. She hates the situation that her estranged husband has put the family in, but she's not willing or able to avail herself to the choice of getting Walt out of her life. Still unaware of Walt's meth business, Skyler believes his illness has strained the family's finances and returns to her old job working as an accountant for Ted Beneke (Christopher Cousins), whose sexual advances had earlier caused her to quit. As the person who spends the most time with Walt and knows him most intimately, it's no surprise that Skyler White becomes suspicious of her husband at a relatively early stage inBreaking Bad. Later that day, she organizes a surprise, and scolds her husband for showing up late, not knowing that he has just been humiliated by students at a car-wash. Later that evening, Skyler performs a half-hearted handjob on her husband while on her laptop. She understandably wants to hold onto the idealistic loving family image she has in her mind. She represented Skyler White as her divorce attorney amidst her concerns regarding her husband, Walter White, and his frequent disappearances. Skyler is planning to divorce Walt now that she knows about the crystal meth. Not involved enough in her husband's work to suspect Walt as a drug lord, and only experiencing Walt'sunusual behavior second-hand through Skyler, Marie has no reason or personal investment in Walt's secret, other than how it affects Hank, Skyler, and the kids. She asks if it is curable, to which the doctor prefers the word "treatable." As such, it seems likely that Hank has the discussion with Skyler, then goes home to reveal everything to Marie, forcing her to go to Skyler herself to confirm. Walt's increasingly erratic behavior is not helping Skyler either, and things get complicated when he is kidnapped by Tuco. But Walt is already at the home and has a long talk with Skyler, who is still angry at him but did not disclose he was there to Marie and makes no moves to contact law enforcement. Why did Skyler give Ted the money? "[C]heating on your spouse is the ultimate betrayal," postedu/gee_izzy. Skyler also wanted to protect Walt Jr./Flynn from the truth, but Hank and Marie had other ideas. Perhaps this is why Marie discovering the truth about Walt happens off-screen. The relationship is over for all intents and purposes. Skyler was until then unaware of the danger she was in, so when the DEA collected her and her family in response to Walter's anonymous warning, Skyler knew Walter was involved. Breaking Bad: Was Gus Fring's Death Realistic? Her sister, Marie (Betsy Brandt), is married to a DEA agent, Hank Schrader (Dean Norris). The only member of her immediate family that is known is her younger sister, Marie. Appearances in Breaking Bad Full name Though Skyler doesn't ultimately file for divorce, no . She increasingly relies on Ted for emotional support as her husband grows distant; she also reluctantly covers up Ted's tax fraud. Francesca tells him that Skyler received a deal from the authorities in exchange for the GPS coordinates of the bodies of Hank and Gomez, as Walt had planned and hoped. So Walt blaming Skyler's breakdown on the Ted situation was a total cop out and also a way to humiliate his wife. Later on, Walt confronts Skyler about the cigarette packet she had flushed down the toilet. Skyler uses the money to pay off the debt Walter left behind, and she and Walt Jr. use the remaining money for college funds and investments. Ted instead decides not to pay off his debt immediately, possibly in an attempt to blackmail Skyler, so Skyler calls Saul Goodman who sends his "A-Team" to force Ted to pay off the IRS. When she confronts Walt, he claims that Jesse is his marijuana dealer. In the third season, Walt has moved out of the house. On their way home, Marie tells Hank that Skyler was talking about her upcoming family vacation in Europe "like it was a second honeymoon" ("Gliding Over All"). [2], For her performance as Skyler, Anna Gunn received critical acclaim, with some critics even lauding her character as the template for television anti-heroines. Scared and angry, Skyler lashes out, slashing his right hand in the process. Walt Jr struggles to cope with his feelings of betrayal and disappointment, but eventually he comes to understand why his father did the things he did. Over the course ofBetter Call Saul's six seasons, Jimmy learns there are a shocking number of lines he's willing to cross, which is akey source of internal conflict for him. Walt and Skyler in 1993 ("Full Measure"). She later admits to Walt that she never filed the divorce papers, slowly beginning to work her way into his criminal activities by reminding him that spouses cannot be forced to testify against each other. Skyler was as well, but somehow her. Breaking Bad: Every Godfather Hidden Reference In The Show, Abby's Mother Reveal In Night Court Resolves The Harry/Christine Romance, Happy Days' Original Title Would've Killed The Classic Show, 1923 Season 2 Will Bring Spencer Home Quickly, Says Helen Mirren. Despite this, it is clear that Skyler still cares deeply for Walt and is still affected by his actions. Skyler "Sky" White (ne Lambert) is the wife of Walter White and the sister of Marie Schrader. At the same time, however, she begins to fear him and worries that her children are in danger. No The White Residence (former)Skyler's Apartment He tells her to call the DEA immediately once he leaves and tell them he forced his way inside for his birthday and gave her the ticket. Ted Beneke (former boss and lover)Pamela Orbic (former divorce lawyer) Saul Goodman (former lawyer) At least he had a heart. While she continues to launder money through the car wash, her attitude towards Walt devolves into a barely concealed hatred. In the beginning of the series, Skyler is a loving, albeit controlling, housewife and mother of one with another on the way. Date of birth Yes, Walt and Skyler stay divorced. Later that evening, Walt contacts Skyler via a payphone and asks if the police are listening in. Walt panics and drives off with Holly, with a blood stained and horrified Skyler chasing behind before falling to her knees ("Ozymandias"). Skyler is in the middle stages of pregnancy with Holly at the beginning of the show. The DEA had already seized a book of Gale's with a similar tribute to "W.W.," and spying a similar message in the same handwriting made everything click for Hank, with the long-awaited big confrontation finally happening in the next episode. SkyYoko Ono (by Saul Goodman) Images (236). She is forever distrustful of Walt and often expresses doubt and frustration surrounding his decisions and actions. She petitions for a quantum of the community estate, meaning she wants everything that was earned or acquired during the marriage to be split in half. She later breaks down in tears, causing Walt, having recently returned from strangling Krazy-8, to confess that he has cancer ("and the Bag's in the River"). As the net of the law closed in around Walt, Marie insisted that Skyler be honest with her son, and the youngster lashed out, at first refusing to believe the accusations, and then blaming his mother for being involved. Last . When Walt Jr. refuses to leave the family home, and Skyler cannot say or do anything to convince him otherwise, Walt handles it. Related:Breaking Bad: Was Gus Fring's Death Realistic? When Skyler asked Walter what happened, he simply replied "I won" ("Face Off"). In Season 4, Ted had an affair with some of his clients, which is discovered by Skyler, and she then tells Walt. Instead he gives her the lottery ticket containing the coordinates to Hank and Steve Gomez's burial site, bringing her to tears. Altogether, Walter White left his family a total of 9. As I see it there are 2 possible explanations to Skyler's action: one, that the floor had become too hot/cold for her liking or two, her current stance in which she starts to doubt her relationship with Ted and softens on what Walt has done, makes her feel guilty. Many viewers conclude that it doesn't matter what the circumstances are. Hank has a cavalier exterior, but in reality, the dark side of his job affects him more than he cares to admit. This offers an interesting contrast toBreaking Bad's Walt, for whom the conflict is more external. Skyler chases Marie around a women's clothing boutique, asking her why she stole the tiara. Also, where just knowing her husband wasn't being truthful was enough to prompt Skyler toward divorce, Walt remains loyal to his father until he discovers the fullfacts of the meth operation. With her husband and former partner in crime dead, as well as the knowledge that his entire criminal enterprise was never revealed to authorities, Skyler finds herself in an untenable situation. After being called a "stupid bitch," Skyler realizes that this call is providing her with an alibi and simply responds, "I'm sorry." She and Walter have a teenage son, Walter White Jr., and an infant daughter, Holly White. Skyler tries to get back at him by having sex with Ted ("I.F.T."). The truth becomes clear to Walt Jr. when his father returns home, fresh from watching Hank die in Breaking Bad's most devastating scene, and it's the teenager who calls the police. When his girlfriend's son . Walt resents her every intervention, and because we spend the most time in his perspective, so do we. (SKYLER SOBS) I just want Holly back. By the end ofBreaking Bad season 2, Skyler has confronted her "other woman" prime suspect, Gretchen Schwartz, and learned that Walt hasn't been having an affair. Pamela Orbic is a family lawyer based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As Walt leaves the store, Skyler attempts to confront them, but Walt bursts back into the store and kicks the jock in the back of his knee, to Skyler's shock and Walt Jr.'s amazement. Skyler demands a divorce in exchange for her silence about Walt's criminal activities. She later has a sonogram, which reveals that the baby is a girl. Even as her marriage crumbles, Skyler permits Walt to take care of Holly and defends some of his actions to her lawyer, who advises that she leave Walt immediately. After the IRS catches onto the fraud at Beneke Fabricators, Skyler secretly gives Ted the $615,000 he needs to pay the IRS debt to avoid jail time. During the meeting, however, Marie calls, asking for a truce and informing her of Walt's return to which Skyler thanks her. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'remodelormove_com-leader-4','ezslot_12',167,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-remodelormove_com-leader-4-0');However, as Walts involvement in the criminal underworld deepens, Skyler becomes increasingly conflicted, feeling as though she must choose between her family and her husbands lifestyle. In the end, this arrangement works out, and the two are able to mend their bond and rekindle their love for each other. Whether viewers stand with Skyler or not seems to coincide with their personal feelings about the character. Skyler suggests Walt should launder his drug money by purchasing the car wash facility where he used to work, and offers to handle the books. She breaks down in front of Marie at the car wash and falls into a deep state of depression. After Walter's confrontation with Gus, Walter returned home to find Skyler still worried and confused. Skyler notices Lydia's expensive ride and asks, "Who washes a rental car?" She knew he was lying continually and that drove her into the arms of a man she knew was divorced and who she knew enjoyed her company. Skyler appears at his apartment, having deduced that he is in the drug trade. After receiving Gus payment, Walt made a generous donation to his former student and partner, Jesse Pinkman, as well as to his former undercover agent/friend, Saul Goodman. Creator Vince Gilligan's vision of "Breaking Bad: said it best. But unlike Walt, she chooses to accept the reality and horror of her actions (as painful as this is to her). She also demands that Walt move out of the family's home. Since joining the Screen Rant fold, Craig has been involved in breaking news stories and mildly controversial ranking lists, but now works predominantly as a features writer. Walter invested a large sum of money in a trust fund established for his son, Walter Jr. At the start of the series, Walter states that his brother-in-law, Hank, had secured Walter Sr. s money in a trust fund for Walter Jr. , revealing that Walter had been financially successful prior to quitting his job as a high school chemistry teacher. Skyler's rationale for remaining silent is two-fold: She does not want her children to find out about their father's double life, and she fears that Walt's arrest could ruin Hank's career as a DEA agent. Walt then attempts to tell Skyler about the all the things he did and she becomes angered that she has to once again hear that he supposedly did all this for the family however Walt instead finally confesses that he resorted to crime and built his drug empire for himself due to his pride and because he enjoyed it, not really to help his family.